The Partnership

The Air Cadet program operates within a partnership agreement between the Department of National Defence (DND) and The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC), a civliian volunteer organization. The Pan-Territorial Air Cadet Committee (PTACC) of the ACLC is administered by an Executive Committee, consisting of the following positions: Chairperson, First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice-Chairperson, Secretary,  Treasurer, Past-Chairperson. In addition, four director positions for  each Territory have been established (from which these Executive  Committee members are drawn).

The Directors are elected by the members of PTACC at the Annual General Meeting. PTACC does not maintain an office, however, it does meet regularly throughout the year via teleconference.

There are currently 3 squadrons in Northern Canada, one located in each territorial capital.


Here you will find the By-Laws for the Pan-Territorial Air Cadet Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada; the most recent amendments  were passed at the PTACC Annual General Meeting on October 21, 2017.


PTACC Background Information

The Air Cadet Program in the North - If you would like to learn more about PTACC and the Air Cadet Program in the North, including the benefits for our aviation industry partners, check out the attached presentation.

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Educational Assistance

If you are, or have been, an Air Cadet, you may meet the requirements necessary to qualify and apply for a scholarship to help offset your post secondary education.

If you are interested in knowing more, please click the button below and download the John Boothe Fund 2018.pdf document.

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Meeting Reports 2017

  • AGM 2017 Chair's Report

PTACC reports

Executive/Committee Membership List

  • 2018-2019 Executive/Committee Membership List